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Dr. Allen has a special interest in treating infertility. Naturopathic and Chinese medicine both provide treatment options to enhance one’s fertility that complement more conventional health care approaches. Lifestyle factors including exercise, nutritional medicine, healthy dietary habits, and stress maintenance can all play a role in boosting one’s fertility. Cultivating optimal health helps you to feel great while also providing a healthy home for baby to be.

Dr. Allen teaches basal body temperature charting and how to read your body’s fertility signs in order to accurately time intercourse and conception. With advancing maternal ages so common today, the window of conception may be 24 hours or less, so timing is everything. As each woman is unique, so too are her hormonal rhythms. Ovulation times can vary from day 6 to day 21.

Acupuncture can enhance fertility for those choosing to conceive naturally as well as for those undergoing assisted reproductive technology (ART). Studies have shown acupuncture can increase the success rates for women undergoing IVF. Generally, it is best to begin acupuncture two months before beginning ART. Treatments are typically done on a weekly basis. Acupuncture can also help minimize the side effects of IVF procedures, while helping to reduce the stress inherent in the process.